The Santa Diaries

 Written specifically for community/nonprofit theater productions, 
The Santa Diaries offers:
 • A contemporary story about a successful and self-absorbed  
   Hollywood actor who’s forced to return to his hometown and      direct the community’s A Christmas Carol where he rediscovers the joy of Christmas, a lost love, and learns to embrace his inner Santa.
• Versatile production with minimal or complex staging
• Accommodates professional and non-professional cast
• Scalable cast size of all ages (a larger cast means more friends and relatives to come see them!)
• Customizable to reflect the culture of your theatre and location

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The Santa Diaries: Production Package
  • The Santa Diaries: Production Package
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The Santa Diaries package includes:

• Script • Cast and scene lists • Music for two original songs • List of Christmas songs in the public domain • Promotional templates and suggestions • Customizable photos for opening montage (sample photos included) • Unlimited performances in year of production • No royalties or other charges • All materials are provided in digital format

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A Christmas Wedding: The Santa Diaries II

 A Christmas Wedding: The Santa Diaries II revisits the characters of the original show five years later. Will and Jessica have returned home from Hollywood to finally get married. What Jessica doesn't know is that Will's manager, Josh, and his ex-fiancee, Brandeee, are in town with plans to turn a sweet small-town wedding into a reality TV show. Things get wild and wacky before people remember the real meaning of Christmas.

The production package for A Christmas Wedding includes:

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