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Laura Ambler – Writer/Director/Producer
These two videos, formerly Airplanes A to Z! and Horses A to Z! are now part of two compilation videos, All About Fast Trains and Airplanes and All About Old McDonald's Farm & Horses.

All About Fast Trains and Airplanes
Fast Trains
Get on track for a fun-filled, full-steam-ahead adventure with trains of all kinds, including steam trains, diesels, trollies, and much more as you climb into the cab with your friends, Engineers Gus and Sam. Learn how conductors keep their trains running, see a massive coal engine up close, whoosh along at more than 100 mph on a modern Super Train, and watch Santa deliver his gifts on the Santa Train!
Airplanes – By Laura Ambler
Soar up into the clouds with this live-action, fun-filled video that explains the world of flying and all sorts of planes from A to Z! Join Captain Cary in the cockpit and be his co-pilot for this exciting air adventure that teaches kids all about: the parts of a plane - from the tail to the "elevator"; how air traffic controllers keep planes on track; everything from building kit planes to stunt flying to big, jumbo jets. Featuring spectacular aerial photography, Airplanes A to Z will take kids down the runway on a high-flying trip they'll want to enjoy again and again!

All About Old McDonald's Farm & Horses

Old McDonald's Farm
Plant the seeds for an amazing adventure when you join Farmer John on a fascinating trip to Old McDonald's farm. You'll see giant farm equipment in action, including a bailer that drops out huge rolls of hay and a combine that can separate corn kernels from the cob in only minutes! Step inside the bam and watch a modern milking machine go to work on some friendly cows. Find out how horses get their shoes...collect eggs from the chicken feed some hungry goats...and watch two muddy pigs playing in hog heaven. So put on your overalls and plow into this educational, fun-filled video that teaches you All About Old McDonald's Farm.
Horses – Laura Ambler
Whoa there, buckaroo! Are you ready for some real horsin' around? Every child loves horses, and why not? From sleek thoroughbreds to powerful, towering draft horses and cute 'n' cuddly ponies, these special animals have so much to offer. Horses A-Z takes you right into the exciting world of horses in a live-action video designed for the budding rider, future rodeo star, or simply anybody who loves horses. You'll see hard drivin' rodeo action, watch a foal learn to run, even learn about the care and feeding of horses. It's all here! So, trot down to the corral - the horses are waiting!

The Pink Dolphin  (Ebook) 

Laura Ambler and Mary Duncan

Hollywood Book Festival
Award Winner
Go Fish

A faith-based edition of The Pink Dolphin. 

When Chloe’s workaholic mom cancels their summer trip to Paris to save a client’s bridge, Chloe threatens to go live with her estranged biologist father in boon dock Alaska. When her mother calls her bluff, Chloe is furious, but no one is more surprised than Chloe when she becomes the unlikely savior of a desperate Alaskan fishing village. She defies wolves, killer whales, a vicious poacher, and a ruthless logging company with the help of Raven, a handsome Tlingit boy, a mysterious silver pendent... and a most unusual dolphin. 

Caught between shamans and science, the environment and the economy, Chloe rediscovers her faith in this coming of age story set in the rugged Alaskan wilderness.
The White Pony

Produced in Ireland by legendary Roger Corman’s Concorde-New Horizon Productions. The White Pony is their biggest selling family film to date. It was a best seller at Cannes.

Twelve-year-old Leah has always wanted a pony. When she gets a job on her uncle's farm, she believes her dream might come true. Little does she know she has begun an adventure in which she will encounter a magical leprechaun, battle her evil cousin and bring a fairy-tale princess back to life--all in search of her beautiful "White Pony." This sparkling tale will warm the hearts of girls and boys the world over.

Amazon Review: "I rented this for my seven year old daughter and she loves it so much that I am now here to buy a copy for ourselves! I have watched the movie with her also and I too enjoyed it. A really good movie for any horse loving child!"  Read more.


notable screenplays

The Fish Tank (Book)

Explore with your children a world in the fish tank. With twenty beautiful, bold color illustrations and haiku poetry for text, this book describes life in a tropical fish tank and explores the concept of living together peacefully and happily. Meet goldfish, tetra, tiger barbs, and angelfish. These tropical fish in many shapes, colors, and sizes dwell in a murky aquarium. In their world, they either fight or hide to survive. When a newcomer arrives and cleans the glass tank, the fish see things clearly for the first time. This book, presenting hope for harmony, is a delight for children and adults alike, as together they explore life in the fish tank..

A thoughtful story matched with beautiful illustrations. 
The Turtle Tank

The Turtle Tank (Book)

Encouraging exploration, discovery, and a sense of wonder, this brightly illustrated, poetic tale recounts the story of two turtles that live in a glass tank. One turtle is adventurous and enjoys visiting the outside world. The other turtle is shy and afraid of what lies beyond the tank walls, so he hides in his shell when the giant hand approaches. This story inspires children to discover all their worlds together, including the world outside and the world at home. Not only does this book offer up valuable lessons on exploration and all that comes from it, but it is also a vehicle to introduce children to haiku poetry, an alternate form of storytelling. For children in grades K to 5.

 “My son loves all three Tank books, but likes this one the best. It is written in Haiku which is very unique and interesting. We like the story about the shy turtle and how trying something new maybe scary at first but wonderful too! The pictures of the dark tank vs the bright outside pictures really help tell the story!”
The Rat Tank (Book)

Written in haiku poetry and illustrated in eighteen bold color images, this memorable tale is all about friendship and sharing. Two rats share a home. While one runs on his wheel all day, the other eats. Living together but separately, the rats have nothing in common. But, when one of the rats gets stuck, the other rat comes to the rescue. Then the fun begins and the rats learn that playing together is better than working alone. Through this entertaining story and vivid images, children learn the values of cooperative play and shared adventures, which lead to strong friendships.

"My son loves the rats in The Rat Tank. The story is written in Haiku which makes it fun to read! We like how the story teaches that it is more fun to do things with a friend then alone. The pictures are great. They really make it seem like you are in the rat tank! "
2012 Rehoboth Independent Film Festival Artist

Ambler’s artwork featured on festival poster, programs,
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